Specialist Guesthouse and B&B Insurance Brokers

At Afscot Financial Services you are not just dealing with a Broker, you are dealing with a passionate dynamic and dedicated team who strive to ensure that you can get on with your core business whilst feeling confident in the knowledge that we are just a phone call away.
We set 
high standards to endeavor to delight our clients with our enthusiasm, knowledge, reliability and friendly approach.

aim is to get to know you and your risk well in order that we can best advise you on your specific requirements. Each and every client has different needs and we evaluate those needs individually to ensure you have the optimum amount of cover in place.

On a regular basis we scrutinize the policy wording of all of our insurers in order to keep us up to speed with the benefits they provide and we re-look at areas where we see the need for any improvements.

In short, we are a 
Specialist Broker that truly works for you.

As a 
Specialist Broker to the Hospitality industry, we have been instrumental in bringing about changes to the policies that cater for the industry. 

As market leaders who negotiate changes in cover with Insurers, Afscot Financial Services are able to bring to you benefits which add value to your Insurance Cover. We have also been appointed as AFFILIATE MEMBER to Durban's Bluff Accommodation Association.

We communicate with our clients in person, by e-mail, cellphone and landline and are available at all times to sort out any problems that may arise.

Newsletters and e-mails are sent out regularly to keep you informed of industry related matters.

We have state of the art computer systems / equipment including:

  • On line 24 hours a day ADSL
  • Computer network system
  • Laptop quoting systems
  • Live Client Data Base
  • In-house and offsite backup systems
  • Voice-logging